Segal's Worldwide Social Club

* Segal's Worldwide Social Club will cease on 20 May 2014 *

You receive a rare item from Segal every five times a
friend updates at least once since you last updated

You only need one friend to collect every item, but the
more friends you have updating the quicker it takes

You do not need to send gifts, receive gifts, collect gifts
or leave the Worldwide Social Club menu between updates

Unlocking Characters

(must have seen five update messages)

Future Luke
(must have seen ten update messages)

The Rare Items

Paper Lamp
(must have seen five update messages)

Paper-Ball Lamp
(must have seen five update messages)

Legless Chair
(must have seen fifteen update messages)

Wooden Blinds
(must have seen twenty update messages)

(must have seen twenty five update messages)

(must have seen thirty update messages)

Floor Desk
(must have seen thirty five update messages)

Dark Wood Panels
(must have seen forty update messages)

Straw Mat
(must have seen forty five update messages)

Vampire Dresser
(must have seen fifty update messages)

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