Trouble Brewing (Green Quest)

Enter Vinegar Grill

Talk to Doland

Doland typically offers this quest for the first time when
you have between 4,600,000 and 5,600,000 happiness

The level of happiness needed can be reduced by wearing
a high impression outfit, particularly for a Fashionissimo

Pick a Tea Flower from the two boxes above Darling Dwellings

Any flowers picked before a Tea Flower is found can be
stored for other quests, thrown out or sold to Bruno

Bee stings and hazards reduce your happiness and it's a
good idea to recover any lost happiness before continuing

Return to the grill and talk to Doland
(must be carrying a Tea Flower)


60 comparative wealth for Smooth Talking females
40 comparative wealth for everyone else

480 happiness if you're a Child at Heart
440 happiness if you have a Winning Smile
400 happiness for everyone else

Modern Carpet from the New Wave Collection

This brown carpet is available from a couple of repeatable
quests and can be used or sold to Bruno for 3,000 wealth

With a maximum decor rating, this could be a useful option
if you wanted a roommate who prefers New Wave decor

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