Impatient but Rich (Yellow Quest)

Talk to Gordon outside the Balsam Grill

This is a good time to spend up to 100,000 wealth to get
your maximum happiness over 100,000 if it isn't already

Before continuing, make sure that you're 100% happy
and, ideally, wearing an outfit with at least 50 coolness

Talk to Gordon again
(must be carrying the Magic Potion)

If you're not still carrying around the magic potion from
the Something Brewing quest, it will be in your closet

Gordon's reaction to the potion will reduce your happiness
and it's a good idea to recover this loss before continuing


150,000 comparative wealth for Smooth Talking females
100,000 comparative wealth for everyone else

600 happiness if you're a Child at Heart
550 happiness if you have a Winning Smile
500 happiness for everyone else

Heart Cushion from the Cute Collection

This cushion is also available from the Chess Department
Store and could be used or sold to Bruno for 37 wealth

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS

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