Drawn to Art (Green Quest)

Talk to Lili in Sasha Park

Buy a Sketchbook from Laurel for 12 wealth

Return to the park and talk to Lili
(must be carrying a Sketchbook)


3 comparative wealth for Smooth Talking males
2 comparative wealth for everyone else

150 happiness if you're a Child at Heart
137 happiness if you have a Winning Smile
125 happiness for everyone else

Stuffed Animal from the Childish Collection

This stuffed animal is available from a couple of repeatable
quests and could be used or sold to Bruno for 2,800 wealth

With near maximum decor and atmosphere ratings, the toy
would make an excellent addition to a Childish room

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS

Professor Layton's London Life Walkthrough

Professor Layton and the Last Specter

Professor Layton and the Specter's Call