Cute Collection (Pink)


Berry Wallpaper
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 40 Sale Price 450)
Available from Rose, a Poem by Misha Quest

Rose Wallpaper
(Decor 5 Atmosphere 30 Sale Price 1,350)
Available from Chess Department Store for 2,700 wealth


Berry Carpet
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 30 Sale Price 1,150)
Available from Homemade, Hand Delivered Quest
Available from Window to the World-Weary Quest


Rose Drapes
(Decor 3 Atmosphere 80 Sale Price 250)
Available from Sleepless Nights Quest

Strawberry Drapes
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 70 Sale Price 300)
Available from Meeting a Mind Quest



Heart-Shaped Bed
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 70 Sale Price 2,000)
Available from Jinxes Stinkses Quest

Strawberry Bed
(Decor 3 Atmosphere 70 Sale Price 1,750)
Available from No Time for Love Quest


Berry Dresser
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 60 Sale Price 2,600)
Available from Chess Department Store for 5,200 wealth

Princess Dresser
(Decor 7 Atmosphere 70 Sale Price 52,500)
Available from Clements Boutique for 105,000 wealth


Strawberry Table
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 60 Sale Price 900)
Available from Heartfelt Makeup Quest


Princess Chair
(Decor 8 Atmosphere 80 Sale Price 22,500)
Available from Clements Boutique for 45,000 wealth
Available from Cork Stoppage Quest
Available from Fan Letter 3 Quest
Available from Youth Culture Quest

Strawberry Stool
(Decor 2 Atmosphere 60 Sale Price 100)
Available from Colorful Request Quest

Room Accents

Heart Cushion
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 15 Sale Price 37)
Available from Impatient but Rich Quest

Rose Bouquet
(Decor 6 Atmosphere 20 Sale Price 15)
Available from Missing Spoon Report Quest

Strawberry Art
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 600)
Available from Bruno for 1,200 wealth
Available from Aftermath Quest

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS

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