Timely Assistance (Green Quest)

Enter the Balsam Grill
(must be wearing an outfit with at least 70 formality)

Talk to Chester from above

Pick up Chester's Watch to the right of the grill

Return to the grill and talk to Chester
(must be carrying Chester's Watch)


9,000 comparative wealth for Smooth Talking females
6,000 comparative wealth for everyone else

192 happiness if you're a Child at Heart
176 happiness if you have a Winning Smile
160 happiness for everyone else

Antique Sofa from the Elegant Collection

This red sofa is only available from this repeatable quest
and can either be used or sold to Bruno for 1,650 wealth

With near maximum decor and atmosphere ratings, this
would make an excellent addition to an Elegant room

This free video game walkthrough is for the Nintendo DS

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