Quests (Happenings Order)

These are the available quests in the order in which they
appear in the Complete section of the Happenings menu

New Town, New Life (Red)
Register Your Address (Red)
Chess Department Store (Red)
Find Your Calling! (Red)
Housewarming (Red)
The Angler Alliance (Yellow)
A Blossoming Friendship (Yellow)
Seeking a Generous Soul (Red)
Professor Layton Returns! (Red)
Criminal on the Loose (Red)
Unidentified Fey Object (Red)
Fairies Unlikely! (Red)
Mysterious Wing (Red)
A Gateway to Fairyland (Red)
Avogadro Squared (Red)
Mysterious Park Lurker (Red)
Scotland Yard on the Case (Red)
Scotland Yard Escalation (Red)
Shocking! Chelmey Angry! (Red)
Abandoned House Guests (Red)
Thesis Suggestions Sought (Red)
Thesis Idea Available (Red)
Researcher in Short Pants (Red)
Living History Sought (Red)
Missed Connection (Red)
Nose Needed (Red)
Valuable Item Found (Red)
Accidental Double Bluff (Red)
Rebellious Youth (Red)
Sabotaged Sleep! (Red)
Gem Donation Sought (Red)
Campus Open House (Red)
Suspicious Exploration (Red)
Stahngun Needed (Red)
Answers from Rosetta (Red)
Questions from Avogadro (Red)
Missed Message (Red)
Hope Arrives by Train (Red)
Crumpet - Bed and Breakfast (Red)
Nuisance Arrested (Red)
Unfortunate Tidings (Red)
Stachensadden (Green)
Scarfnapped! (Green)
Stachenparched! (Green)
Gone Fishing (Green)
Missing Listing (Green)
A Man of Letters (Green)
Granny Riddleton--Uncovered! (Green)
Fungus for a Fun Gal (Green)
Helper for Riddleton (Green)
Barton Depressed (Green)
Barton the Botanist (Green)
Strange Barton Illness (Green)
Ramon Lost (Green)
Delivery for Ramon (Green)
Purchase, Perchance (Green)
Broken Radio (Green)
Fishnet Stalking (Yellow)
Seafood Cravings (Green)
Uncanny Happenings (Green)
Tree Cannot Be Trusted (Green)
Clements Boo-tique! (Green)
An Unforeseen Dilemma (Green)
Fortune Not Quite Told (Green)
Lucky Day for Pauly (Green)
Collection Agent Needed (Green)
Gangs! In Little London! (Green)
Lost List (Green)
Treasure! And a Map! (Green)
Extraordinary Egg (Green)
A Puzzling Letter (Green)
Found White Handkerchief (Green)
Empty Dinner Plates (Green)
An Eye for Art (Green)
Pigeons, Pffft! (Green)
Plant Food, Pffft! (Green)
Homework, Pffft! (Green)
Sleepless Nights (Green)
Hardworking Man (Green)
Casino Conundrum (Green)
Rage Against the Thunder (Green)
Yell It with Flowers (Green)
Invitation Only (Green)
Unko Moneybags (Green)
Found a Wallet (Green)
Day Off Needed (Green)
Missing Missive (Yellow)
Postman, Posthaste (Green)
A Very Special Delivery (Green)
Lunch Order (Green)
Intruder at the Museum! (Green)
So, So Sleepy (Green)
Wanted! Natural Beauty (Green)
Wanted! Precious Pachyderm (Green)
Wanted! Vessel in a Vessel (Green)
Pie Artisan (Green)
Unusual Holiday (Green)
Window to the World-Weary (Green)
Pompadour and Circumstance (Green)
Not So Handy Now! (Green)
Sweet Relief (Green)
Ersatz Krantz (Green)
Dinner on Krantz (Green)
Flower Estrangement (Green)
Teatime! (Green)
Sweet Nothings (Green)
Prior Claim (Green)
Flyer in the Ointment (Green)
Fierce Flower (Green)
Homemade, Hand Delivered (Green)
Casualties of Research (Green)
Rare Research Specimen (Green)
Meeting a Mind (Yellow)
Mean Streets (Green)
Colby on the Case! (Green)
Polo Shorts (Green)
Heartburn (Green)
Sweeter Than Kisses (Green)
Flukenapped! (Green)
Blossoms for the Bath (Green)
Calla Calamity (Green)
Bracelet is Brace-Lost (Green)
Letter for Layton (Green)
Diva Rumors (Green)
Floral Mystery (Green)
Guiding Beacon (Green)
Beacon of Hope (Green)
Home, Fragrant Home (Green)
Milk Bunny (Green)
Bone for the Boneyard (Green)
Penne Pinching (Green)
Missing Piece (Green)
Mushrooms! For Science! (Green)
Experimental Data (Green)
Restaurant Kerfuffle (Green)
Pauly Angry Again (Green)
Pauly Update (Green)
Shop for the Queen (Green)
Crummy Dinner (Green)
Friendly Competition (Green)
All Dolled Up (Green)
Drawn to Art (Green)
Colorful Request (Green)
Need a Tune-Up (Green)
Lost and Not Yet Found (Green)
Makeup Test (Green)
Shattered (Green)
Soup to Go (Green)
Timely Assistance (Green)
Demonic Whisperings! (Green)
Demonic Pursuit! (Green)
Cork Stoppage (Green)
Boss Talk (Green)
Night Fishing (Green)
Genuine London Rain (Green)
Gressenheller Newsletter 1 (Green)
Gressenheller Newsletter 2 (Green)
Gressenheller Newsletter 3 (Green)
Man on the Street 1 (Green)
Man on the Street 2 (Green)
Man on the Street 3 (Green)
Antique-Collector Ray 1 (Green)
Antique-Collector Ray 2 (Green)
Antique-Collector Ray 3 (Green)
Long, Lonely Wait (Green)
Waiting, Table-less (Green)
Fed Up (Green)
Family Business (Green)
Family Nutritionist (Green)
Family Activity (Green)
Splinters Spotlight 1 (Green)
Splinters Spotlight 2 (Green)
Splinters Spotlight 3 (Green)
Blind Loyalty (Green)
Cuddly Companion (Green)
Trouble Brewing (Green)
Painting Fun (Green)
Still Life (Green)
Youth Culture (Green)
Alleged Request (Green)
Confidential Favor (Green)
Top-Secret Mission (Green)
College Bound (Green)
Morning Essentials (Green)
Leading and Reading (Green)
Rose, a Poem by Misha (Green)
Photo, a Poem by Misha (Green)
Words, a Poem by Misha (Green)
Fan Letter 1 (Yellow)
Fan Letter 2 (Yellow)
Fan Letter 3 (Yellow)
A Fluke Event (Yellow)
Grating on Granny (Yellow)
Ring the Belle (Yellow)
No Time for Love (Yellow)
Dolled Up and Gone (Yellow)
Pride of the Postman (Yellow)
Heartfelt Makeup (Yellow)
Goals for Gordon (Yellow)
Money Matters (Yellow)
Something Brewing (Yellow)
Impatient but Rich (Yellow)
Jinxes Stinkses (Yellow)
Missing Spoon Report (Yellow)
Missing Badge Report (Yellow)
Missing Watch Report (Yellow)
Cottontail Conspiracy (Yellow)
Animal Lover (Yellow)
Hazel's Heroism (Yellow)
Daring Deke (Yellow)
Courage in Numbers (Yellow)
Mouse Problem (Yellow)
A Word from Our Sponsor (Yellow)
Security Concerns (Yellow)
Knightly Jog (Yellow)
Making Amends and Repairs (Yellow)
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 1 (Yellow)
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 2 (Yellow)
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 3 (Yellow)
Sammy Thunder Fanzine 4 (Yellow)
Shining Ray (Yellow)
Ray of Hope (Yellow)
Curses! (Yellow)
Bad Luck Bostro (Yellow)
Uncursing the Stone (Yellow)
Photo Finish (Yellow)
Urgent Message (Yellow)
Emmy Arrives (Yellow)
Christmas Blues (Green)
Happy Birthday! (Green)
Happy New Year! (Green)
Guest Request (Yellow)
A Memorable Evening (Yellow)
Musical Icon (Yellow)
Time After Time (Green)
Not Everything (Green)
Aftermath (Green)
Dessert Inequity (Green)
Stahngun Alert (Green)
Price of Knowledge (Green)
Friendly Rivalry (Green)
Mysterious Absence (Green)
The Local Flora (Green)
Royal Showdown (Green)
Feline Beeline (Green)
A New Shadow (Green)
Earnest Patronage (Green)

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