Childish Collection (Yellow)


Dusk Wallpaper
(Decor 6 Atmosphere 20 Sale Price 750)
Available from Photo Finish Quest
Available from Words, a Poem by Misha Quest


Soccer Field
(Decor 6 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 1,500)
Available from Shining Ray Quest


Soccer Drapes
(Decor 3 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 200)
Available from Missing Missive Quest


UFO Lights
(Decor 6 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 1,100)
Available from College Bound Quest


Soccer-Ball Bed
(Decor 5 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 3,850)
Available from Waiting, Table-less Quest


Mini Chest
(Decor 1 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 250)
Available from Laurel for 500 wealth
Available from Milk Bunny Quest
Available from Mushrooms! For Science! Quest

Treasure Chest
(Decor 2 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 150)
Available from Stahngun Alert Quest


Soccer Table
(Decor 2 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 500)
Available from Demonic Whisperings! Quest
Available from Shop for the Queen Quest


Soccer Chair
(Decor 3 Atmosphere 10 Sale Price 140)
Available from Friendly Competition Quest
Available from Hardworking Man Quest

Room Accents

Duck Watering Can
(Decor 2 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 13)
Available from Horace for 26 wealth

One-Armed Bandit
(Decor 5 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 50,000)
Available from Horace for 100,000 wealth

Railroad Set
(Decor 6 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 65)
Available from Rage Against the Thunder Quest

Slot Machine
(Decor 5 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 7,500)
Available from Splinters Spotlight 2 Quest

Slot Machine Gun
(Decor 9 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 3,500)
Available from Time After Time Quest

Stuffed Animal
(Decor 9 Atmosphere 100 Sale Price 2,800)
Available from Drawn to Art Quest
Available from Treasure! And a Map! Quest

Tourist Bus
(Decor 2 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 50)
Available from Animal Lover Quest

Toy Robot
(Decor 3 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 25)
Available from Bruno for 50 wealth
Available from Dessert Inequity Quest

Traffic Light
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 40)
Available from Morning Essentials Quest

Vacuum Cleaner
(Decor 4 Atmosphere 5 Sale Price 32)
Available from Gressenheller Newsletter 3 Quest

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